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100% of donations go to Ethiopia

Clean Water Projects In Ethiopia

Water4Ethiopia raises funds for clean water projects in Ethiopia. We then work as volunteers with our partner NGO in Ethiopia who help to identify a potential clean water site.  Our partner NGO then primarily project manages the construction of the hand dug well or capped spring, with the local community involved in every step of the way.


A hygiene and sanitation programme is part of each clean water project in Ethiopia, so that the local beneficiaries can lead a healthier life. Often the local school forms a drama club and puts on performances for the community. Through these shows, the locals learn about the benefits of both clean water and good hygiene and sanitation.

When Water4Ethiopia was founded, we didn't truly realise as to how huge an impact having clean water is for a community. Now we have seen this at first hand through the successful water for Ethiopia projects. All photos have been taken by the trustees on self-funded trips.


100% of donations go to projects for clean water in Ethiopia, as we run Water4Ethiopia as volunteers. We hope you enjoy reading more through our website and feel inspired to donate so that more Ethiopians can drink clean water.

  • To increase clean water access, hygiene and sanitation levels in Ethiopia 

  • 100% of donations go to Ethiopia


  • 40p gives 1 Ethiopian clean water for 1 year

  • £8 gives 1 Ethiopian clean water for 20 years

  • £16 gives a girl and her brother clean water for 20 years

  • £40 gives a family of 5 clean water for 20 years


*based on 2015 project costs and estimated longevity

Clean water projects in Ethiopia at Beku Golba capped spring.

Our first clean water in Ethiopia project at Beku Golba

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